Pacific 225 × 215 reflects the more traditional model of whirlpool  minipool, which can be installed both recessed and above ground. The particular shape makes this minipool beautiful and sophisticated, but at the same time adaptable to any type of environment where it is placed. The optional airpool and color therapy enrich the concept of relaxation. Pacific is available in 6 different shades: white, sand, light gray, dark gray, black, sky blue.

Whirlpool Spa Minipool
Design and Innovation by Busco®Wellness.

Minipool Measures:
215 x 215   5 People
Installation: Freestanding, Built_in



Minipool 5 People
Suitable for 5 people
Whirlpool Hydromassage
2-sided hydro system / 2 pumps that can also be activated separately with digital keyboards
Tray with water level regulator
Filtration System
With 1 or more customizable cycles per day. Skimmer (220W-50 Hz-0.24 Kw)

Minipool color


4 spotlights 4 color cycles
UV Disinfection
Electric heater 3 or 6 kW
Heat pump
Heat exchanger
Outdoor steps
Electric pool vacuum cleaner
Electronic cleaner robot
Chlorine in tablets
pH reducer
Water analysis kit

External coating
Beech Brown, Nut Brown, Anthracite Gray


Reserved for Architects, Interior Designers:
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Filtration System

The filtration system is an essential element that removes impurities from the water. The filtration pump circulates the water that enters the skimmers, passes through the filter and is then returned to the purified pool.

Whirlpool Hydromassage

Designed to make the most of the beneficial effects of water on our physical and emotional health, effects that have existed since the ancient world, studied and developed to treat various ailments through the thermal and mechanical stimulation of the water jet. It exploits the principles of hydrotherapy together with the benefits of massage therapy. It involves muscles, nervous system, digestive system, with a therapeutic effect against various ailments, as well as a sensitive improvement from the aesthetic point of view of the skin. The water massage also stimulates the drainage of liquids.


The Airpool massage system is composed of micro-cracks on the seats, from which intense geyser-effect air jets come out, designed to stimulate the peripheral microcirculation of the legs and buttocks, also acting on the nerve endings. It can be combined with the classic hydromassage (whirpool) to obtain the maximum benefit: the water jets of the latter are combined with the action of the air of the airpool system in order to generate a double effect massage that spreads well-being over everything. the body.


In addition to creating a comfortable and familiar environment, Color Therapy is able to act on mood and stimulate the body through colors. This is why chromotherapy is also defined as an integrative therapy, supporting other more invasive therapies.

UV Disinfection

It reduces the use of chlorine by 80%. By inserting UV disinfection, the minipool or swimming pool water coming out of the filter during recirculation, passes through a stainless steel tube internally coated with ultraviolet lamps, which neutralize bacteria. The 20% of chlorine to be introduced into the minipool or swimming pool in any case does not alter the nature of the water, but guarantees complete sanitation in the hours in which recirculation is not carried out. Chlorine combined with ammonia produces chloramines which cause eye irritation and an unpleasant chlorine smell. Chloramines can be eliminated using disinfection UV rays.

Electric Heater 3 or 6 kw

The electric heater allows you to heat the water and keep it at the most pleasant temperature, allowing the use of the minipool even outside the summer season. After passing through the filter and the UV-ray disinfection system, the water reaches the heater where the temperature is raised or maintained by means of the electric resistances, and is then returned to the minipool. Equipped with an adjustable thermostat, the electric heater turns off when the water is at the set temperature at which it was programmed. Practical and economical solution for small pools or installed in areas characterized by mild temperatures.

Heat Pump

Its operation is given by the presence of a closed circuit inside which there is a refrigerant fluid subject to cyclic changes of state, which precisely passes from the liquid phase to the vaporized one and vice versa. These changes obviously lead to variations in pressure and temperature, which occur primarily at the evaporator level where, by acquiring heat from the environment, the heat pump is able to transform the fluid from liquid to vapor. At this point, using electricity instead, there will again be a transition to the liquid state at the height of the compressor and in this phase the machinery transfers heat to the system, everything takes place cyclically and ends by means of an expansion valve. which allows the fluid to return to its initial conditions. Therefore, after passing through the filter and the UV disinfection system (where present), the water reaches the heat pump where the temperature is raised or maintained through an air-water heat exchange, for then be put back into the pool. Less economic solution than the electric heater as regards the list price, but with low consumption and a decidedly higher efficiency, which makes it suitable even for large pools installed in colder areas. Available in two versions of 1.5 KW and 2.5 KW depending on the size of the pool and the place of installation.

Heat Exchanger

It connects to the heating water circuit of your gas boiler. It is a cylinder containing a concentric copper coil that is heated by the passage of hot water from the boiler. Consequently, at the time of the passage of the pool water through the exchanger, which will take place after passing through the filter and the UV disinfection system (where present), the latter will be heated or maintained at temperature by coming into contact with the concentric coil. Best solution both in terms of cost and efficiency, in the event that the pool should be positioned close to the gas boiler of the house.

Outdoor Steps

Facilitates entry into pools positioned above ground. It has the same slate effect finish as the Stonehenge and Colosseo models.

Electronic cleaner robot

For pool cleaning we also have an automatic robot cleaner. Small, light and easy to handle, it is ideal for all sizes, from the smallest to the largest pools. Thanks to its internal scanner it detects the position of the debris, so as to be able to clean the bottom of the tank flawlessly. Equipped with interchangeable fine and ultra-fine filters, which allow to clean, in addition to dirt, also the algae that can form in the pool. Thanks to the high efficiency of these filters, the robot cleaner is able to actively remove bacteria. The light weight and ergonomic design make it easy to put on or take off the cleaner from the pool.

Electric pool vacuum cleaner

Perfect for quick and easy pool cleaning. The vacuum broom we have selected is equipped with a capacity higher dirt capture than other standard models, capturing more leaves, sand and debris. Thanks to the powerful lithium-ion battery it will not be necessary to power the tool by connecting it to the home power line or directly to the swimming pool filtration circuit. The lithium-ion battery is designed to run for up to 45 minutes. Once you have finished the battery, simply connect the vacuum cleaner, using the appropriate battery charger, to a power outlet. Very light product and easy to handle, ideal for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

Chlorine in tablets

Chlorine is an indispensable chemical product for the disinfection and sterilization of the swimming pool. It should be used regularly in specific quantities based on the size of the pool and the period of use. Ideally, the chlorine concentration of the pool should be between 1 part per million (ppm) and 3 ppm. You must avoid having too much chlorine in the water, which excess could cause irritation to the skin or eyes of bathers. The water test will be essential to check the amount of free chlorine during the period of use of the pool. To ensure total disinfection and cleaning of your pool, we have a tablet product that combines the action of chlorine with that of anti-algae and flocculant. The anti-algae is used to counteract the green and cloudy water of the pool, eliminating all the algae present. The flocculant or clarifier is that chemical product used to coagulate the solid pollutants present in the water so that they are retained by the filter, that is, a product that helps the filter retain smaller particles, creating larger aggregates.

pH Reducer

The correct pH value in the pool water, to obtain optimal sanitation, is between 7.2 and 7.6. If the pH is too low there is corrosion of the pool materials, deterioration of the pool, irritation of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes of bathers, excessive consumption of sanitizing chemicals. If the pH is too high, an ineffective disinfection implies, limescale precipitation in the tank and in all the components of the treatment system, cloudy water and eye irritation. The water test, as for chlorine, will be essential to check the PH value during the period of use of the pool. In the event that the pH in the pool is higher than the value of 7.6, it is necessary to intervene by dosing, in the pool, the pH reducer product in the solid version.

Water analysis kit

To carry out the tests for measuring the level of chlorine and PH we provide two specific and easy to use meters.

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