Stonehenge 227 x “custom length” is a new invention by Busco. A completely synthetic stone effect product suitable for built-in or freestanding installation, equipped with hydromassage and can be equipped with airpool, chromotherapy and counter-current swimming. The harmony that is created between the material and the sophisticated modern design, make it a unique article of its kind. Moreover, thanks to the innovative patented anti-leakage system, if there should be breaks in the piping system, the water would flow back into the mini-pool, avoiding spills and flooding. Stonehenge is available in 5 different shades: white, beige, light gray, dark gray, black.

Whirlpool Spa Minipool

Design and Innovation by Busco®Wellness.

Minipool Measures:
250(custom length)x 227    Min. 5 People
Empty Weight: 300 kg min.
Capacity: 1700L min.
Installation: Freestanding, Built-In
Data Sheet: Download



Minipool +6 people:.
Suitable for 5 people min.
Whirlpool Hydromassage
2-sided hydro system / 2 pumps that can also be activated separately with digital keyboards
Infinity Overflow
Tray with water level regulator
Filtration System
With 1 or more customizable cycles per day. Skimmer (220W-50 Hz-0.24 Kw)


Electric Heater
For water heating 220V
4 spotlights 4 color cycles
CounterCurrent Swimming
starting from dimension 450×227 (length costumized, max 1200)
Natural White, Sand Beige, Cement Gray, Grafite Gray, Carbon Black


Reserved for Architects, Interior Designers:
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Discover Stonehenge
The best for your swimming workout in just a few square meters

Stonehenge mini-pools with counter-current swimming are available in 5 different shades: natural white, sand beige, cement gray, graphite gray, carbon black. Configure your Stonehenge mini-pool Here

Counter Current

When you think of a pool to train, you need to consider and analyze some key points: Space, Authorizations, Excavations, Assembly and labor on site, The extent and convenience of maintenance and cleaning.

 With the new Minipool Stonehenge it is possible to have the best in a few square meters! Customizable sizes. Self-supporting structure. Fully inspectable from the pool thanks to the Patented System®

Filtration System

The filtration system is an essential element that removes impurities from the water. The filtration pump circulates the water that enters the skimmers, passes through the filter and is then returned to the purified pool.

Whirlpool Hydromassage

Hydromassage exploits the principles of hydrotherapy together with the benefits of massage therapy. Water pressure favors the drainage of liquids; the warmest temperature, between 37 ° and 38 °, has a decontracting power and stimulates the circulation, while the colder produces a tonic and stimulating effect


The airpool is an air massaging system, complementary to the hydromassage. It is more delicate than hydromassage, so it is more suitable for parts with greater reflexology. It is installed, depending on the model, on the bottom of the mini-pool or under the seats.


In addition to creating a comfortable and familiar environment, Color Therapy is able to act on mood and stimulate the body through colors. This is why chromotherapy is also defined as an integrative therapy, supporting other more invasive therapies.

Electric Heater

Heater Exchanger: it can be connected to an existing heating system.
Electric Heater: arrives already installed near the filtration system, requires reduced maintenance and is able to heat the water quickly.

Radio Music System

The music spreads through the vibrations produced by the cases applied in the body of the mini-pool. The boxes are not visible, so they do not affect the appearance of the minipool and the water does not compromise its functioning.

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Since 1970, Busco® Wellness has dedicated itself to the design and production of whirlpool SPA mini-pools and high-end products, bathtubs, shower enclosures built with the most advanced technologies, modern whirlpool systems and advanced control systems.

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